Section 106 Agreement Solicitor

Construction areas in Britain are very limited and the constructive use of all available surfaces is therefore becoming a priority. § 106 Agreements define certain aspects of land development and may define how and how the country can be used. This can be a challenging area of commercial real estate litigation and it`s important to have the right approach from the start. Oratto`s commercial real estate lawyers have extensive expertise in all aspects of Section 106 contracts. The agreements referred to in Article 106 shall be drawn up if it is considered that a development will have a significant impact on the local territory, which cannot be tempered by conditions linked to a planning decision. The planning obligations under section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, generally known as section 106 agreements, are a mechanism to mitigate the impact of development through a legal agreement. Through these documents, developers can provide elements such as financial contributions to infrastructure, public space, and other mitigation work. Presentation agreements can be requested by email to In the event of a major development, the local authorities will ask the developer to enter into an agreement in accordance with Section 106. This agreement defines specific planning obligations (usually based on the usefulness of the local community) that bind the developer.

The agreement also determines the circumstances and timetable within which commitments are to be met. Our planning team advises you on the terms of the contract, your obligations and the deadlines imposed by the local authority. The Planning Officer / S106 Monitoring Officer is responsible for the completion of all agreements prior to the planned closure. If you are considering a construction application, it must comply with both national planning policies and local requirements. If you have the right approach from the beginning, you are much less likely to encounter problems later in the trial, and your lawyer will be able to advise you. The content of the S106 agreement is agreed with the parties concerned and the planning manager during the consultation phase of the construction application. The S106 Legal Agreement can be prepared by counsel for the Board and claimants must pay attorneys` fees without VAT. Our planning team has extensive experience in negotiating and developing s.106 agreements and their variations. We are able to advise you in a remarkable and timely manner on the range of legal agreements relating to planning proposals.

In order to help you meet these challenges, we give as soon as possible a clear assessment of all contractual conditions. As each development is unique, with its own specific composition, our competent development team is specialized in negotiating tailor-made agreements tailored to your individual needs. (1) Within five years from the date of execution of the undertaking by an agreement between the Council and the person or persons against whom the indictment is enforceable. A lawyer will also be able to make effective contact with the local planning authority so that an amicable solution can be found for each problem that arises. It should also be noted that all supporting documents must be properly provided to the Authority, as Section 106 covers specific planning agreements that are binding on the developer. The agreement shall also specify all applicable deadlines and the circumstances in which they must be respected. . .