Red Hat Isv Agreement

Today`s announcement follows Red Hats` recent move to support JBoss components to support JBoss Enterprise Platform and Framework integrated distributions. The new program eliminates the risk that SSIs will not be supported, community publications and instead provides JBoss Enterprise Middleware as a centralized development platform. All JBoss ISV partner facilities developed on JBoss Enterprise Middleware can now be delivered either with a support subscription or with a Level 3 support contract covering all partner customers. With the integration of JBoss ISV Partner and the integration of JBoss support into their solutions, JBoss ISVs enjoys the exclusive advantage of extending Red Hat Open Source insurance to customers. The Red Hat Open Source Assurance program offers customers certain insurance in the event of an intellectual property issue with Red Hat brand subscription products. For more information about the Red Hat Open Source Assurance program, see: The Red Hat® Global ISV Program uses modern deployment methods to support a hybrid cloud strategy to help partners create and run applications in any cloud. Based on technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat Openshift®, this strategic and cloud-based development embodies best practices for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) to help you and your customers succeed in the cloud. Red Hat is the world`s leading provider of open-source software solutions that uses a community-based approach to cloud, Linux, Middleware, storage and virtualization technologies, reliable and powerful. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training and consulting services. As a liaison in a global network of open-source businesses, partners and communities, Red Hat helps create relevant and innovative technologies that free up resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT.

For more information, visit Learn more about the opportunities and resources you offer to support your market movements, as Red Hat Partner Connect JBoss Enterprise Middleware is the first open source middleware platform and includes cutting-edge technologies like JBoss Application Server, Hibernate and JBoss Seam. With its business-friendly LGPL license, outstanding quality and high performance, JBoss has become the platform of choice for developers and businesses around the world.